Farm Plow Types Explained

Agriculture has been for centuries. The farm plow is one of the most basic tools in agriculture. The tool used by a farmer cultivating his field is the plow.

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Tillage is done to get the land for planting. No tillage, no seed, no plow, no tillage, so the plow is a fundamental tool for the farmer. Above the centuries, plows have highly developed considerably in addition to now there are many types of farm plows existing to modern agriculture.
Moldboard Plow 

An old farm plow which is still in use on little farms today is the moldboard plow. The cause for this is that the moldboard plow is very efficient, and many other types of farm plows are based on the moldboard. This farm plow consists of a large single sheet that goes into the ground vertically. The plow is pulled across the floor by the horse, ox, human power or a tractor. As the cutting edge moves during the ground, cut, lift, turn plus aerate the soil in one overtake. If the solid fertilizer is added to the field before plowing, moldboard plowing also incorporates the fertilizer into the soil.

Reversible Plow 

One more version of the farm plow is the reversible plow. The variation is that this type of plow used two, four or else additional leaves. A leaf otherwise leaves the ground set of turns to the left while the other sheet or a set of leaves, the soil becomes correct. A sheet or a set of leaves is used at a time. A groove is made with a knife. At the end of the row, the blades are changed, and a groove made in the added direction. These are usually large, heavy plows which need the control of a tractor to be operated.

Sub-soil Plow 

Another great power need a tractor for proper use is sub-soil plow. To break up the ground under the top layer of a field without bringing the soil to the outside of the field is the purpose of a sub-soiling plow. It is necessary for the reason that some new chemicals used in agriculture outside causes soil to be difficult in a field, plus this has to be broken for plants to grow properly. Additionally, drainage is improved by plowing a field by a sub-soil plow.

Plow Disc 

This is a very general type of farm plow that is used for initial tillage fields covered with bushes or plowing dry plus rocky. Farmers sometimes refer to plowing with a farm plow disc and dicing. This uses a steel plow disc large concave breaking ground. These discs are slightly tilted at an angle backwards, which in turn the soil and the ground is broken by the disc. The action of turning a disc plow is not as dramatic as a moldboard plow. A type of moldboard plow is used after a disc plow is used, which is depending on the situation and location of the land.


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