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Need for food to keep the breath alive is the basic necessity for ever since the life began on this planet. People, even in the era of primitive life, used to live in cages and they had no other requirement except for food. A lot many theories have been written on the survival of man.

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Man could be able to succeed and survive only due to food.  Notwithstanding there have been many options before man to satiate his desire of hunger like meat etc. But the only and the most viable option for man has been the fruits, vegetables and grains grown in the soil. Soil is the mother of all foods because foods are grown in the soil and the most necessary and important intake in human diet is grain. It is not a problem now with chisel plow to till the land as deep as is our requirement.

Grain is the most important and widely used food item and a large quantity of it is being consumed daily in most parts of the world in form or the other. Grains are the most important in keeping a man healthy. Notwithstanding a great quantity of grains is being grown all over the world but still the world is facing acute shortage of food now a day due to ever increasing population and other climatic hazards. Quality and quantity of grain production is becoming sub standard and scare with every passing year. Among other multifarious reasons plowing of field is an important one in decreased production of wheat and grains. Chisel plow is the best possible way for most of the farmers to till the land deep.

In most of the areas farmers are from the poor class of the society and they are working in far flung areas. Chisel plow is quite cheap so it is affordable for small farmers too. Moreover, the government efforts have been slow to introduce new tools to the farmers in most parts of the world. The most of the developing countries, farmers use wooden made conventional tools for tillage of the land. Conventional tools take too much time in tilling. Chisel plow increase the yield of land per acre to quite a lot. We can till the land from 6 inches to 36 inches deep with the use of chisel plow as per our requirement.

Moreover, it requires many men to till the land. Lastly, conventional tillage tools are not as effective as they should be in tilling of the land. Deep tilling is not possible with conventional tools hence it becomes difficult for farmers using conventional tools to sow any seed of their desire in their soil.  It is needless to say that by conventional tilling it becomes difficult to consume the land more appropriately hence yield of crop per acre decease a lot in the use of conventional tools of tilling. We can plow much more land with chisel plow than the conventional plow. Chisel plow does not invert the profile of soil and it does initial loosening of soil while leaving trash on top.

In short, chisel plow is the most affordable and necessary agricultural tool for the farmers.


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